Friday, June 28, 2013

What Does #i2 Stand For?

Twice I've written on this:

The #i2 twitter campaign for freedom from non-therapeutic circumcision
#i2 is what, exactly?

but people still ask, specifically, what's the "i" and what's the "2"?

As one of a small handful of people who originated the tag, I do not believe there was a single, definitive answer.  We wanted a tag for advocating genital integrity rights (intactivism) on twitter.  We wanted it to be so short there'd be no excuse to exclude it (you can spare 4 characters, right?).  I think it fair to say the "i" is rooted in "intact" or derivatives like "intactivism".

When pressed, my preferred answer (which by no means is authoritative) is "i" for "intact", "2" for "not just one sex" (I won't say "both" sexes since intersex persons have the same genital integrity rights as anyone else).

But the best things about the ambiguity are that this question is frequently asked, and that people come up with innovative answers!

So fire away on twitter!  I'll update this blog post with the best answers!

I'll start with mine and the one which inspired this post:


  1. Just out of curiosity, is this Twitter specific, or should it be spread to other networks like Google+, Facebook, etc.? How about intact friendly items in my Etsy shop (and is 'intactivism' protected or can I use that as a tag too?)?

  2. Danelle Frisbie told me she came up with this tag, when I asked last year what it meant.