Sunday, January 31, 2010

#i2 is what, exactly?

The #i2 campaign for freedom from non-therapeutic circumcision is thriving on twitter. To date more than 15,000 tweets bear the #i2 tag. For both participants and bystanders, it's fair to ask, what exactly is #i2? Here's my take on it. Yours may be different.

  • #i2 is a call for greater freedom
  • #i2 is a statement of the rights of each individual
  • #i2 represents everybody's individual right to keep their intact genitals
  • #i2 asserts the standard of care for healthy newborn boys contra-indicates non-therapeutic circumcision

#i2 represents all these things and many more.

But most importantly, #i2 is tweeted by an ever-expanding number of users who have their own specific meaning for it.

  • #i2 may mean you regret the poor information which led you to allow circumcision of your child
  • #i2 may mean you know your right to keep your own body intact was violated
  • #i2 may mean equal rights for males and females to unmodified sex organs

The "freedomfromcircumcision" twitter list is just about full. The maximum number of users on one list is 500. Soon, new users tweeting #i2 in support of the campaign will be placed on the "freedomfromcircumcision-2" list.

There are vast numbers of Americans who have not fully vetted these ideas. They are familiar with circumcision as something common in their culture, but have never confronted many of the facts or the idea that it's an improper imposition of parental will on the body of a child.

Many of them, along with those who already support these ideas, will eventually declare their support for #i2 after seeing the facts and argumnents put forward.

Every #i2 tweet is an opportunity to share this information with our friends, family, followers, and people we've never met.

Each of us who supports #i2 is a step on the path to securing freedom from non-therapeutic circumcision for everybody.


  1. There are many ways to educate people about the harms of non-therapeutic infant circumcision. Twitter is a great way to reach a large number of people and to counter the tweets of those advocating infant circumcision. I hope to see everyone there!

  2. I believe in the right to genital integrity for all beings. Genital mutilation of female infants is properly condemned by the civilized world, but similar mutilation of male infants continues in this country and its areas of influence and pseudo-science is now being used to attempt to undo progress we have made in eliminating this practice. This cannot be allowed.

  3. YEAY!!! Information and perserverance is so needed and blessed on this topic!! It makes me so happy that more and more people are becoming aware of this issue and the facade that has been presented in hospitals for way too long.

    Heres hoping that more and more parents of baby boys will be made aware of the reality of this barbaric practice before they let anyone near their sons with scalpels!!

  4. An important cause, as it is unethical to remove a healthy functional anatomical body part without copnsent of the owner

  5. I agree that it's wrong to circumcise infant boys (and older girls). Read my article at

  6. How did circumcision become the "norm" for so long? I'm in agreement to not do that, but it seems people are so squeamish talking about genitals in general. I guess it's easy to talk about barbaric stuff they do to girls in a country other than USA... but about their own sons, it gets weird.