Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's get something straight

Opinions fly every day and from every angle on circumcision. Not the kind of circumcision people choose for themselves. Not the kind so medically necessary that any other body part in similar condition would need to be amputated. The kind physicians routinely ask "we doin' this?" and accept the answer "yes," no questions asked. The kind parents elect for children, for any reason they bloody well please, or no reason at all.

You might think the status quo, as such, has some inherent validity, or at least is constitutional, but that is not always so. Not just the U.S. constitution, but the natural law on which the United States is, substantially, constituted. The people are not "secure in their persons" if their body parts may be seized. We do not have "equal protection of the laws" when removing parts of the genitals of minors is prohibited for one, but not all sexes.

That circumcision was institutionalized in the United States does not, in itself, grant it any legitimacy. Examples abound, but rather than cite them, suffice to say that from time to time it becomes apparent that the status quo conflicts with our most dearly held principles. Non-therapeutic circumcision of children, an abridgment of the freedoms to which we are each entitled, is now so apparent. Although some may be employed, no new law or principle is absolutely needed for this error to be corrected. We need only stop making exceptions to those we already have.

Let's get something straight.

Freedom from non-therapeutic circumcision for everybody isn't just good policy. It's a self-evident right.

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